Our Story

Move, Rest, Embody, Connect – Habitually
Supporting achievable, good habits for living now

Nurture Nature Collections started in 2018 by Jacqui-Maree Bailey and has been shaped simply with the perspective that looking after ourselves holistically starts with creating purposeful and achievable habits. For this to have longevity and oomph, we look to explore and curate what works for us individually at that time in life, rather than going through the motions daily without questioning.

Nurture Nature Collections has been created for kids and adults to Move, Rest, Embody and Connect – habitually.

It is an ever-expanding project with the higher goal of moving toward a more conscious, considered and community-driven way of life starting with little daily habits. We view the seemingly trivial and the unconscious elements as where we can actually make the biggest changes to our lives, to others and the environment.

Our philosophy extends well beyond selling another product – we create useful resources to nurture the nature within and around us. That means helping to bridge any perceived separation between self, community and nature through personal grounding and growth; through authentic connection and coming together.

At its centre, Nurture Nature Collections is a conscious lifestyle movement for all.


Thank you for being here.

x Jacq

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